Chanticleer Holdings, Inc. acquired the franchise rights to develop and operate Hooters restaurants in Hungary in April 2012.  The Company has partnered with Alex Hemingway and his team, forming Crown Restaurants, to operate Hooters franchises in Europe.  Under the franchise agreement, Chanticleer Holdings will own 80% of Chanticleer's business in Hungary with the management group led by Alex Hemingway owning the remaining 20%.  Chanticleer Holdings plans to expand into other European markets.

  • European Headquarters to be based in Budapest, Hungary
  • Crown Restaurants manages the individual restaurants
  • HOTR will fund and own all restaurants
  • Estimated market opportunity ~ 3


Hungary: 2011(e) Selected Statistics: 

Population: ~10 million
Official Language: Hungarian
Country Capital: Budapest
Currency: Forint
GDP (PPP): $198.1 billion
GDP Per Capital: $19,800